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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I am Crossfit

Saturday marked the end of the “I am Crossfit” challenge. This was an eight week program designed to push people to the next level in terms of fitness and health. Everyone was assigned a coach who reviewed our daily food logs as well as workouts. Depending on what level people chose to participate in, we were mailed a number of workouts to be completed on our own in addition to our days in the gym. I picked to do 6 work outs a week, so 1 in addition to the 5 days I go to the gym.

At the beginning of the challenge, we completed a workout and did body assessment. 3 rounds of 400 meter run, 15 pull ups, and 7 power cleans. I did 65 pound cleans and since I still do jumping pull ups, I had to do 30. Then, after 8 weeks, we did the same workout again and got our body assessment done to see how far we had come.

So how did Saturday go? Well, good and not so good. I lost 14 pounds and 12 inches. In 8 weeks, I am pretty proud of myself. Down side is I only lost 1.7% body fat and my workout was actually slower for some reason. The first time, I finished all but 2 cleans during the 12 minute time limit. On Saturday, I had all 7 of them to do. The cardio seemed a lot harder for me. My lungs were really burning by the time I was done. Also, I have been having some issues with cleans as of late and I think the mental side of things really slowed me down. All in all, however, I am proud of myself. I am pretty good at buckling down and getting things done when I set my mind to it. It is easier for me to keep on track and push hard when I am accountable to someone else and when I fear disappointing someone other than just myself.

Now the challenge is going to be keeping on track without turning in a food log or my workouts for Zach’s scrutinizing eye to examine. I have 6 pounds to go until I reach my long time goal of being down to my 4th grade weight. After a few not so hot eating days, I am ready to refocus and give it that final push to get to where I want to be. From there, who knows! I think once I feel like I have conquered the scale, I will be able to pay less attention to it and really focus on getting stronger and gaining intensity.

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