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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Keep on Truckin'

This week has started off well. I had a good weekend as far as eating goes. I think I did a good job allowing myself some higher calorie and higher carb indulgences without going crazy. That is always a hard thing for me as I tend to be an all or nothing kind of girl. The last two days I have had good workouts. Monday we did thrusters, burpees, and knees to elbows. I finished around 16 mins, and should have gone heavier. Prescribed weight was 65 and I did 55. 65 would have given me a slower time, but I need to just go for it. The burpees were surprisingly not as junky as they sometimes are and I think I am getting the hang of landing with your feet wide so that you land on your flat foot as opposed to your toes.

This morning we had an 800m run, 4 rounds of 25 push ups, 25 deadlifts (115 lbs), 25 double-unders (50 regular), and 25 sit ups then finish up with another 800m run. I haven’t been running much on my own as of late so as much as I groaned about it, I was glad to have to run. I am going to try to get in 2 solid days of running a week and with triathlon training starting next week, that shouldn’t be too hard.

My goals for the rest of this week are as follows:
1-Push the weight in Wednesday and Thursdays workouts. Go heavier than I “think” I can and scale back if I have to.
2-Do a 5k and 3 additional miles (under 10 mins each)

Oh! I almost forgot. Today is the first day in my life that I am wearing a size 10! No bad considering I used to wear a size 26!

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