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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Annoying Things About Losing 110 Pounds

Warning - Do not read this if you are squimish about the ugly side of losing weight or are worried about haveing too much information about me and my body. That being said, read on at your own risk.

I have gotten to that point in my weight loss journey where I am starting to see what the "end" result is going to be like. I have taken off a lot of layers and inches and fat and all of that and the body that is undeneath is coming through. I have always said that when I was 267 pounds, i never thought I had any problem areas because everything just kinda blended togeher. Now that I have more definition, I have big time problem areas. In my eyes, the biggest one is my stomach. Now, I am not trying to fool myself and think that I will ever have a flat stomach or be able to wear a bikini or something. But is it too much to ask to have a stomach that is in proportion with the rest of my body? I mean come on! I was so huge that the skin on my stomach had to stretch to an ungodly size. Now, it has shrunk as much as it can and I now have to deal with a whole bunch of empty skin. And there is nothing you can do about skin, short of plastic surgery or something. But I feel like my stomach is really the thing that prevents me from having a very acurate sense of my size because I look at my stomach and I feel like it looks like it belong on someone who weighs 200 pounds or something. And it becomes beyond annoying when I am working out. For one thing, none of my pants will stay up and I find myself stopping a million times during a workout to pull them up. And I apologize in advance for this, but things like push ups or dumbbell rows seriously suck because everything just kinda hangs. Sick, but it's my reality. Maybe I need a tummy tuck. Since starting crossfit I have lost a lot of fat, which has been great, but it has really made the skin issue even more serious. I don't know what to do about it and I would rather have some left over skin than have it full of fat. But it sucks and it sucks even more because there isn't must I can do about it. Oh well. Just keep on working and hope for the best.

Oh, one of the pictures is me at my heaviest. The other is from one of the healthiest times in my life which was last september.

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