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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Love/Hate Realtionship

This picture captures my post run sentiments.

My love/hate relationship with running continued tonight. I have not been on top of things as far as running goes and my cardio is noticeably not where it used to be. Which isn't saying much if you know how much I dislike running. It is not so much that I don't like running. I actually love the idea of it and the feeling I get afterwards. It is just the running part that gets me. But I know the only way to improve is to work on it. So tonight I did the .com workout from the other day, which was 400m repeats with 90 seconds in between. I was not sprinting, but my times were a lot better than I thought they would be. A 10 minute mile is pretty standard for me, so my times were more or less in line with that.


The treadmill is a little tricky to do something like this on, because you set it at a speed and you hold to it. So I think it would have taken more effort and my times would have been faster if I had more control over my speed. But all in all it felt good. In total I did 3 miles tonight, which is more than I have done in a long time. Forward motion.

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