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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Staying Strong

I feel like I have hit a wall. Since the start of January, I have been going to the gym 5 days a week and doing at least one workout on my own. Usually this is just a run or something and I sometimes skip it if my week has been particularly hectic. But, for the most part, I have been pushing myself harder than ever before. Physically, I feel good. A bit tired and probably in need of more sleep. But for the most part I am adjusting well. Mentally, I feel great. I am proud of myself and know that I am making steps to get to the next level. Now it is my new routine to go 5 days a week so it is not as difficult as it was at first.

So here is the down side. I am working really hard, but my weight has stayed the same for about 3 weeks. It’s like my body doesn’t want to go any lower than 160. Stuck. Every now and then it will drip down to 158 or 159, but then on my “official” weigh in days it is always 160. Seriously. I know. I know. Don’t pay that much attention to the scale. But it is hard, especially when you are watching everything you eat and working out like a crazy lady. Then I see other people who are not nearly as diligent and they can drop 2 or 3 pounds like that. I know every body is different, but it drives me nuts. This is when I usually backslide. This is when I get frustrated and figure if I am not making any progress, I might as well cheat. So this time is going to be different. This time I am going to stick it out and push through. My goal for the end of “I am Crossfit” is to be down to 150. That is three weeks away. I don’t care if I see it on the scale at the gym, but I want to see it that morning at my house. Can I do it? Is it possible? Now is the time to turn up the heat, keep doing what I am doing, and have faith that things will turn around sooner or later. But for my mental health, I could certainly use a little reassurance that sooner is not out of my reach.

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