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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Observations

Some things I have thus far observed about New York City:

1. You cannot dress for the weather. You will always be cold in the shade and hot in the sun. The rain boots and tights you rocked in the morning will look ridiculous by the time you get out of class and the sun has dried up every indication of rain.

2. There are police everywhere.

3. If you are a female and you pass a male standing/sitting on the side of the street, there is a 95% chance he will make some sort of comment to you. Regardless of what you are wearing or look like. There is an even greater chance this comment will make no sense, but you will undoubtedly know what is intended.

4. Even though New York is very fast paced, you have to have a lot of patience to live here.

5. As long as a car is more than 10 feet away, it is perfectly acceptable to walk in front of it. Even if they have a green light and are a speeding trash truck.

6. When you get onto a crowded subway car, you will know who the locals are. They are the ones complaining how they don't have any room or how your bag is touching them. You would think they would be used to it.

7. Do not, under any circumstances, get into the black cabs with no clear identification.

8. There is a fortunate lack of blonds here.

9. You need cash, and a lot of it. Get out as much as possible whenever you can.

10. If you are a germaphobe, agoraphobe, xenophobe, or claustrophobic, you will not do well here.

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