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Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Hate the Scale

I refuse to be a slave to the scale. Refuse! After a less than stellar weekend my weight jumped up 6 pounds. On Wednesday I was down 4, but today I am back up 2. I really don’t get it. I know I didn’t put on two pounds yesterday. My brain knows that. But my heart still sinks. But I can’t let it get me down. I know that I just have to stand firm and do what I am doing and I will be rewarded. The key for me is not letting minor set backs or momentary disappointments get me permanently off course. This time I refuse to let a number on the scale ruin my day or my week and just know that all my hard work will pay off….sooner or later.

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babbler said...

I hate the scale too! Perhaps you are building muscle and losing fat, which will result in a shrinking waistline and a gain of a couple of pounds. I feel your pain! Keep up the good work, I will become a follower so I can be encouraged by your success. I have some poundage to lose and I am proud of your willingess to stick with your program. Enjoy your happy day, love "Mrs. Slug"